Arlin Alcalá

Arlin Alcalá is outstanding as Cruzita Soto in the Spanish language series, Sin temer la noche.   She is both the model and the voice.  Arlin’s entry into the arts happened while she was earning her Associates Degree in Child Development in El Paso.  She entered a beauty contest and became a Finalist.  The experience gave her a taste for the arts.  Since then she has been writing her own plays, contributing to the community channel, performing in theatre and most recently doing voiceover and modeling for Siren Audio Studios.

The role of Cruzita is one of the most colorful characters of the town of Amparo.  She is the servant of Doña Elena Luna — even though she doesn’t think of herself that way. She considers herself a surrogate mother to Doña Elena and grandmother to Pilar Luna. She is excitable, fiercely loyal and loves her sotol…for its medicinal qualities of course.

Arlin played the role to perfection.  


S.H. Baker / Sarah Storme

S.H. Baker grew up in New Orleans, the city of romance and mystery. She has lived all over the country from Alaska to Georgia, but seems to have sprouted roots in New Mexico. Sarah writes mystery as S. H. Baker and romance as Sarah Storme. Her Dassas Cormier Mystery Series, set in 1920's southwest Louisiana, is currently being recorded in full cast audio by Siren Audio Studios.

Angel in my Arms, Return to Marshall's Bayou


Linda Lea Castle

Linda Lea Castle is a bestselling author with 19 published titles to date. Her books have been translated into 12 languages and sell in 10 countries. Castle has garnered several top awards including a RITA from the Romance Writers of America, the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, and two LORIEs. In 2002, Linda Lea Castle was chosen best historical romance author of the year. She has also been a double finalist in the Daphne du Maurier mystery awards.

By King's Command


Clifton Chadwick

Clifton Chadwick is one of Siren Audio Studios' most versatile actors, most recently portraying the role of Francisco Mondragon, the spiritual and political leader of the frontier town of Amparo, NM, in the Spanish language Audionovela™ Sin temer la noche.

Clifton has contributed a wide range of characters to each and every one of Siren's audio productions. He played Dassas Cormier, the lead role in S.H. Baker's Return to Marshall's Bayou, a production which has now been named a finalist in two prestigious contests, including the 2012 Audies® in the category of Mystery. He is not only enormously talented; he has a voice known to have weakened more than a few knees.

Clifton is an Albuquerque N.M. native and has been doing voice characterizations since his days in front of Saturday Morning Cartoons. While studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Clifton began to get "gigs" doing Radio and TV commercials for local advertising agencies, starting with an Irish dialect for a St. Patrick's commercial. Since 1980—in addition to frequently "walking the boards" at several local theaters—Clifton has been seen and heard on Radio and Television as a variety of characters.


Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn is the award-winning author of several books and numerous plays. His first novel Ella Minnow Pea was the winner of the Borders Original Voices competition, a finalist for Booksense Book of the Year, and a Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers pick. Mark's novel Under the Harrow was published by MacAdam/Cage in 2010. American Decameron released in October 2012 by MP Publishing is probably his most ambitious project to date.  Each of its 100 short stories is set in a different year of the 20th century. 

A dozen of his full length plays have been published in acting edition which have received over 150 productions throughout the world. Four of his plays about southern women make up the works being released by Siren Audio Studios as Sister Women.

Mark lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Mary. Mark is Vice President and co-founder of PULA, People United for Libraries in Africa, which builds libraries in Africa and sends books to needful groups there.

Deep in the Heart, Dix Tableaux, Pigmallion, Van Choc Straw, Sister Women


Ninette S. Mordaunt

Ninette S. Mordaunt has been active in the Albuquerque theatre scene since the mid-80's. It has been such a pleasure to work with Ninette. Her versatility as both a voiceover actor and model made her a perfect choice for several projects.

Look for Ninette on the cover of Mark Dunn's Dix Tableaux and as the voice of Beverly in that performance. About her role as Beverly, Ninette says she always enjoys working on a play by Mark because he writes women's parts so well that they play themselves.

Ninette also plays the role of Mrs. Mary Strickler in the upcoming Angel in My Arms, a romance by author S.H. Baker writing as Sarah Storme. Mrs. Strickler has her hands full dealing with a difficult husband and unorthodox daughter.


Jessica Osbourne

Jessica Osbourne was born and raised in the small town of Cleethorpes, England, which she tries to return to as often as possible to visit with her family and friends. An Actor/Comedienne, you may have seen her this summer playing Puck in Santa Fe’s Shakespeare Society production of Midsummer Night’s Dream and as the lead “Alex” in “The ManApp” Webisode series. She’s been doing standup comedy for a year and has performed several times at LA’s “The Comedy Store.”

Jessica played a starring role in Siren’s award-winning, groundbreaking, full cast romance, By King’s Command, and a supporting role in the two-time Finalist, Return to Marshall’s Bayou. She is not only a talented performer, but an accomplished writer and director. We are thrilled to announce that Jessica Osbourne is currently directing Siren’s first multi-reader production, The Templar’s Treasure by Linda Lea Castle.


Adelina Pallottino

Six year old Adelina Pallottino is Siren Audio Studios’ youngest actor. She debuts in the full cast audio romance, Angel in My Arms by Sarah Storme, as the adorable and memorable Lily Broussard.

Adelina is no stranger to a recording booth. She grew up visiting studios, the first when she was only three months old. In addition to singing and acting, Adelina loves to dance and take pictures. She is currently reading her first full length novel, Monster High, by Lisi Harrison. Adelina likes school but does not know what she wants to be when she grows up.

We have no doubt that Adelina will be whatever she wants to be and has the ability and drive to do it well.