Sid Guy: Private Eye

Written by L.N. Nolan and T.B. Marciano
Siren Audio Studios Original

Full Cast/Humor
Running Time: 3.25 hours
ISBN: 978-0-9844180-0-8

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Sid Guy: Private Eye - L.N. Nolan and T.B. Marciano

Category- Audiobook: Humor Selected for the Hear Now Festival Mystery & More Category

Proud to be included on the Singapore Airlines and British Airways in-flight playlist since 2012.

Take a nostalgic swing back in time to hear a modern twist on classic radio drama. Sid Guy is on the case...

Detective Sid Guy doesn't fall head-over-heels for the luscious dames who walk through his office door. He doesn't lose his cool. And he doesn't get into anything he can't talk his way out of…
...except for the times when he does.

Two episodes: The Case of the Mysterious Woman and The case of the Missing Boxer.

Episode 1- The Case of the Mysterious Woman:    

Episode 2- The Case of the Missing Boxer: