Angel in My Arms

Written for Audio Cinema by Sarah Storme
An Audio Original by Siren Audio Studios

Full Cast/Romance
Running Time: 2.9 hours
ISBN: 978-0-9835105-6-7

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Angel in My Arms - Sarah Storme

“A Hero. Shit.”
What does she know about heroes? She doesn’t know a damn thing about what I’ve been through! I have enough to worry about without getting involved in Lydia Strickler’s childish games. I am still a married man. —Joshua Wakefield

“Captain Joshua Wakefield is my patient, not God’s.”
He still grieves, after all these years. Helping him won’t be easy—living as he is on the wrong side of the law, drinking himself sick and talking to ghosts. Well, at least I’m not afraid of ghosts. —Lydia Strickler

The drunken moonshiner from Return to Marshall’s Bayou (Siren’s 2011 Audie® Finalist in Mystery) is the unexpected hero in Sarah Storme’s newest romance. Captain Joshua Wakefield finds a second chance at love, this time with a young woman who enjoys defying convention—when she thinks her parents aren’t looking.

The authenticity of the characters and depth of emotion in this beautifully written story demanded a production equal to the storytelling. Angel in My Arms, with its weaving of voices and mixing of textures and musical score, ventures into new territory in the field of audio romance.

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